PSC SmartRoof System

Is a cold applied, seamless acrylic elastomeric roofing system.

  • The white topcoat, performs with an 84+ UV rating. Compared to a dark roof, it can slash air conditioning usage by up to a third.
  • The liquid components are environmentally friendly, with minimal VOC’s usage.
  • It creates a toug, fungi and mildew resistant, solar reflective and UV resistant roof coating, that moves vertically according to temperature and underlying structure.

– For flat or graded roofs.

– Over PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PVDF ( polyvinylidene fluoride) roofing membranes.

– The liquid components can be applied directly over asphalt, metal, plywood, polyurethane foam and concrete substrates.

– Light weight

– Cold applied, no fire hazard.

– Reduces cooling costs and inside temperature.

– Reduces roof surface heat, aging and weathering.

– Reduces rapid roof expansion and contraction.

– Stabilized from UV light, fade resistant.

– Provides a tough, rubbery surface.

– Durable and seamless film resists wind driven rain, sleet, snow, hail, mold, mildew and airborne dirt.

– Allows an airy substrate.

– Excellent elastic properties.

– Withstands extremes in thermal cycling, maintains flexibility through the year.

– Resists aggressive atmospheric conditions; exhaust gases, acid rain, airborne pollutants.

– Inhibits growth of mildew, fungus, moss and algae.

– Good early rain resistance.

– Non-flammable.

– Custom colors available.