PSC SmartRoof System is a high build, low gloss, acrylic elastomeric cold roofing system consisting of PSC 4009 BaseCoat, PSC 4100 Reinforcing Fabric and PSC 4010 TopCoat. It produces a tough, monolithic, fungi and mildew resistant solar reflective UV resistant membrane while still being flexible enough to allow the substrate and underlying structure to breath.

PSC SmartRoof System can be applied on flat and graded roofs. The liquid components, PSC 4009 and PSC 4010, bond to asphalt, metal, plywood, polyurethane foam, P.V.C. and concrete substrates.The capabilities go far beyond those of traditional roofing systems.

PSC 4300 Aqua-Shield is an easy to use waterproofing material that seals leaks and bridges small gaps. It comes as a thick white liquid that forms a long lasting rubbery surface for the application. For larger cracks and expansion joints use PSC 4320 Agri-Shield Butyloid Caulk and PSC 4330 Reinforcing Fabric as stated in the Data Sheets.

PSC 4300, 4320 and 4330 system seals and waterproofs grain bins, RV and trailer roofs, and leaking metal roofs. It can be used to coat farm buildings, roofs and walls of animal shelters to reduce heat build-up inside these buildings and also waterproofs and decorates stucco and block walls.

Picture on the right side is of a terminal at Calgary airport. Dark spots on the roof are dirt collected by ponding water (ponding is rain water that does not flow off the roof).

This roof was coated with PSC SmartRoof System in the summer of 1996.

Below is a picture of Calgary Saddledome. After 3 years of testing for several roofing alternatives to repair the leaking roof of Calgary Saddledome, the home for Calgary Flames, the owners of the building decided to have PSC SmartRoof System, installed over the existing roof, a P.V.C. waterproofing membrane. There were several challenging details included in this project. The most challenging ones that had to be addressed were:

  • Due to persistent roof movement, the coating had to have extremely good peel strength, flexibility and recovery properties.
  • PSC SmartRoof System had to perform and retain its waterproofing properties in Calgary’s volatile climate patterns, freezing temperatures as low as – 50° C and as high as +40° C.
  • Due to ponding water, snow and ice on the roof, SmartRoof System had to have proven tensile strength performance record. Refer to Performance Test Report # A.83344.01-106-31 by Architectural Testing dated April 21, 2011.
  • Mildew resistance. Refer to Performance Service Report # PPS-0972.
  • SmartRoof System had to be non-flammable, including during application.
  • Light weight, allowing for a lighter support structure.

PSC SmartRoof System performed faultlessly through every test and was therefore the best alternative for long term performance for this roof. Test results from tests from this project, another performed by Architectural Testing May 19, 2011 and others are available upon request.