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PSC Decorative Quartz System


Product Description

PSC Decorative Quartz System

A sanitary, seamless, cosmetic and easy to maintain, designed for commercial use, like shopping malls, health care facilities, laboratories, hotels, recreation centers and offices.

  • PSC 2099 Bonding Primer
  • A two component epoxy first base coat, PSC 2301
  • A first dispersal of aggregate
  • A second PSC 2301 epoxy base coat
  • A second dispersal of aggregate
  • One or two epoxy seal coats, of PSC 2304 Exterior Epoxy (UV resistant flexible epoxy)
  • Nominal thickness of this flooring system is from 1/8” to 1/4″.
  • Has superior scratch and wear resistance
  • Low maintenance and
  • A high density to prevent dirt penetration.