Concrete Densifier and Modifiers



PSC System 25xx Densifier / Hardener

Components 2510 Clear Basecoat

PSC System 25xx is a water-soluble, inorganic, silicate based compound that enhances the curing of concrete.

  • An economical alternative for concrete substrates,
  • It penetrates concrete surfaces to seal, densify, harden and waterproof the material.
  • Odorless and easily applicable, it can be applied a week after the concrete has been poured.
  • A chemical process densifies the concrete substrate into a chemically cured homogeneous concrete mass.
  • Abrasion resitant, protects concrete from spillage, animal fats, acids and repels water and oil contamination. This chemical reaction in concrete begins immediately after application and continues through the next six months.
  • While the concrete hardens the formula give the concrete breathing space, allowing moisture to transmit into the air.
  • Is safe to use, it’s odorless, VOC compliant formula makes it a viable option in occupied areas
  • Can be applied in the proximity of foodstuffs.
  • Leaves no film and will not change the natural non-slip texture of the concrete floor.
  • it will not yellow, chip, peel, show tire marks or unsightly wear patterns with use.
  • The more the PSC System is used, and the older the treated surface gets, the better it will look.
  • Can be applied approximately 7 days following finishing of the new concrete surface after water evaporation and hardening is complete.
  • There is no need for an acrylic, resin curing compound or sealer.
  • Is approved by CFIA for use in Registered Establishments handling and processing foodstuffs.

is clear, water based penetrating sealer used as a topcoat for the PSC System 25xx.

  • It repels the intrusion of water, salts, food acids, oil and de-icer salts into concrete substrates.
  • It can be applied with a low pressure or airless sprayer followed by backrolling.

is a proprietary polymer additive for concrete and mortars.

  • It exponentially improves both bond strength and abrasion resistance of concrete.
  • Typical thickness of application is ¼“ thickness including dry components and PSC 2551 Repellant.
  • Modified concrete can be used for interior or exterior applications.
  • Engineered for patterned overlays, a rigid structure allows the substrate to be adjusted into various patterned moulds.